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Forex Expo 2022 is the 5th grand edition which provides an extravagant platform for Forex traders, IBs, Investors, Financial Institutions, and Brokers from all over the Trading and Investing ecosystem to collaborate and establish the most significant connections. It is an adequate platform for meeting top service providers and staying up to date on the latest market trends and financial insights to improve skills, networking, and investing landscape.

The 5th edition of the Forex Event where you can spot the world's leading Forex brands exhibiting their products and services under one roof.


Get educational knowledge of the financial industry which extends to Forex US stocks, commodities, metals, and other online trading products from speakers and industry experts.


Check the award ceremony is dedicated to the Exhibitor's gratitude and celebrating their success.




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Why To Attend?

Meet Financial Brokers, Investors, Traders, IBs, Affiliates, and B2B Technology Providers, who have met the high demand in the Market with their finest offerings at the Exhibition.

Get insights on key facts that shape the Forex industry as the market continues to scale up, network with experts & investors, be updated on the latest trends in Forex, and meet the top leaders of the Forex market at our event.

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Forex Expo Dubai

Forex Expo Dubai

Forex Expo Dubai

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Why to Exhibit?

Meet and engage with over 1200+ Financial Brokers, 5000+ Investors, 6000+ Traders, 3000+ IB and Affiliates, and 300+ B2B & Technology Providers, who have met the high demand in the Market with their finest offerings at the Exhibition.

  •  Meet and engage with 8000+ Forex traders and investors attending face-to-face
  •  Showcase your company’s products and services.
  •  Win appreciation and gratitude awards to celebrate your success.
  •  Reach the maximum number of potential clients and investors from all across.

Insights From Our Conference

What is the current Trend in Forex Investing and Trading?
How the regulation for Forex industry is matured?
Facts that constitute the current Forexcurrency Trends.
What are the top Forexcurrencies in today's market?
How Forex payments have expanded in the everyday life?
Learn about the industries adopted to Forexcurrency payments.
What are the ICO's to choose and invest?
How to launch your own ICO company?
How the Stable coins and NFT are changing in the world?
Previous Speakers

Mohammed Al-Mariri

Head of Training and Market Strategy


Head of Training and Market Strategy at Orbex Mohammed Al-Mariri is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and a member of the American Market Technicians Association (MTA). He has over 15 years of professional trading experience and has developed an advanced approach to fundamental analysis with a focus on risk management strategies. He chairs several investment conferences and leads the Orbex Research and Analysis team. Al-Mariri hosts live webinars, seminars and events and is often invited to appear live on major media outlets including CNBC and Al-Arabiya to share his expert insights on the markets.

Omar Hanash

Project Manager

Hybrid Solutions

Omar Hanash, Hybrid Solutions’ Project Manager and Public Relations Specialist. Exhibiting in a seminar “What makes VertexFX the most user-friendly multi-asset trading platform for the FX and CFD Traders”

With over 15 years of experience in the Forex industry, and a true passion for utilizing the latest technologies to connect the worldwide community and build connections between brokers and traders and their preferred online trading platform, VertexFX.

Domluke Da Silva


HF Markets (DIFC) Ltd

Domluke is the CEO of HF Markets (DIFC) Ltd, part of world-leading HF Markets Group. Domluke has over 25 years of experience in financial services, specialising in FX brokerage, investment banking and compliance. He previously held a number of senior level positions within the financial industry. He believes exciting times lie ahead for the FX brokerage industry with opportunities in areas such as neobanking and digital assets

Pavel Shkapenko

Business Development Director


Pavel Shkapenko is veteran of the industry who worked in business development of InstaForex for more than 12 years. Now he takes the position of Business Development Director. He is focused on working with IBs and affiliates, sports marketing, event marketing, payment systems etc. He is PHD and MBA.

Oleksandr Novosiadlyi


Trading Club

Omar Baskir

Sales Director


Avinash Bhojwani

Senior account manager


Avinash Bhojwani is a Senior account manager with NCM Investment KSCC and has over 14 years experience in the financial services industry with expertise in FX/CFD sales, market analysis, risk management and portfolio management. He has worked and contributed to developing business and marketing strategies with various international financial institutions, taking brands that were unknown in the region to being market leaders. Having graduated with Edinburgh Business School with MBA Finance Degree and CISI certified Professional.

Yuri Sizov

Regional Director


Serena Sebastiani


PwC Consulting Financial Services | Strategy & Operations

Oleksandr Aleksandrov



Oleksandr Aleksandrov (Alex Alexandrov) is founder of the first and largest crypto payment processor and wallet solution in the world, CoinPayments.net and co-founder and CIO of Velas, World’s fastest EVM Blockchain protocol and ecosystem, founded in 2019. Board member of Blockchain Society Canada. Cryptocurrency educator, advisor and a public speaker for the last 5 years. Advisor of Cyber security and Blockchain to Canadian, Ukrainian governments, Europol, CIA and FBI.

Omar Hassan

key account manager


Omar Hassan I am key account manager for past 6 years and i recently joined Vlado it’s been a amazing experience working in vlado it’s very hard to trust forex traders these days apparently I am glad I found vlado and got an opportunity to perform my management techniques from my past experience and it’s going pretty smooth as everything falls in right time and right place. I would like you all to join and try it with a small activity to have better understanding and experiencing the real forex trading

Ms. Rima Zurqan

Head of the Academy

Hybrid Solutions

Rima Zurqan, Hybrid Solutions’ Head of the Academy department. Participating in the panel discussion “Top User Acquisition Strategies for Brokers and Technology providers in 2023″

With over 12 years of experience in sales and account management within the Forex industry, working closely with clients and keeping up with their needs and what the market demands. Always utilizing the most recent technologies to connect brokers and traders and their preferred online trading platform, VertexFX.

Wael Makarem

Senior Market Strategist


Wael Makarem is a Senior Market Strategist at Exness, a Certified Investment Management Analyst by the Investment and Wealth Institute and The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments. Wael conducted many webinars and seminars where he shared his knowledge and expertise with traders and investors. He is a weekly guest on several TV shows where he explains his vision of the markets to investors. His analysis is also quoted and cited in numerous articles in Nasdaq, Reuters, Yahoo Finance, and Gulf News.




Fadi Abou Ras is a seasoned manager and financial services professional who engaged different senior roles with many globally reputed brokerage firms and investment banks. Currently, Mr. Abou Ras is leading AvaTrade Middle East in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) as the Senior Executive Officer.

Vignesh Sai Sundar

Global Partnership Manager

TP Global

Dr. Sameer Kumar

Board Advisor

Vaults Pay

Filippo De Rosa


Honor FX

Giles Coghlan

Chief Market Analyst


Kalin Kalinov



Kalin is the Chief Marketing Officer of CoinPayments, the world’s largest provider of cryptocurrency payment solutions. As the CMO of CoinPayments, he leads the company’s global marketing operations, driving crypto payments adoption for businesses in a digital age.

He focuses on bridging the gap between marketing and technology, which is increasingly important in every business environment. Through growth marketing strategies and MarTech implementation, he creates innovative strategies to develop meaningful brand-to-customer interactions. He strives to utilize results-orientated digital marketing tactics to provide prospects and customers with the best user experience possible.

He has been in marketing for over a decade and is convinced that the strategic use of tools partnered with data brings speed to marketing ideas, campaigns, and digital products. Kalin is captivated by blockchain technology and believes it will contribute to business innovation in fields ranging from retail, banking, cybersecurity, and IoT to the government sector.





Stathis Xenos

VP of Growth


As the Vice President of Growth, Stathis Xenos has been responsible for the implementation of ZuluTrade’s growth plan, as part of Finvasia Group’s mission and vision.
Having previously held key leadership roles, Stathis is an industry veteran with a proven track record in leading and scaling high-growth fintech businesses.
Stathis was the Director of Marketing & Business Development in a Greek Brokerage company and contributed to positioning the company as the top player in the market.
The next step in his career, was the CMO and Head of Growth position in a Fintech-oriented startup, that focused on providing trading products based on ML and AI, contributing to the significant increase of the company’s valuation from scratch.
His first studies were in Engineering and he also holds an MBA with a concentration in Finance. His entrepreneurial mindset keeps him engaged in products that tend to bring fresh air to the industry, mostly focused on the social dimension and gamification.
His varied experience has helped him gain a deep understanding of the challenges a Fintech company faces today and of all the possible solutions that can be explored.

Fotis Fotinias


Capital Wallet

With over 10 years of experience in the Financial Services industry, Fotis has served at several key positions of Investment Firms across multiple jurisdictions. Among other executive positions, he had been in AAAFx and ZuluTrade for 9 years, with the last few of them being the chairman of the Board of Directors. Being always involved with Fintech space and having qualified with a deep knowledge of the FX industry, after spending a year on managing a digital asset mining company, Fotis is currently leading the Capital Wallet crypto exchange, aiming to build a remarkable product with innovative features for the best clients’ interest.

Antonis Metaxas

Vice President of Growth


For the past five years, Antonis Metaxas, VP of Growth, has played a key role in advancing ZuluTrade’s product offering by overseeing the management and operation of the Traders Community Department as well as serving as a portfolio manager for the organization. Using his 22 years of trading experience, he and his teams were developing new investment products, such as managed portfolios, curating thousands of trading systems by utilizing cutting-edge mathematical models and expanding the social community engagement. In his new role, he is in charge of developing and executing strategies to grow customer acquisition, engagement, and retention, as well as increasing market share by leading B2B, B2C and Customer support teams.

Janis Anastassiou

Managing Director, Financial Intermediation


Janis Anastassiou, Managing Director, Financial Intermediation, Finvasia. With over 12 years+ in leadership roles, including 8-years as a CEO overseeing financial intermediation in Europe and Asia Pacific.
Janis leads alongside the Finvasia Group’s management as it invests to scale for long-term product innovation, growth and expansion. Taking on the role of Managing Director in Finvasia’s financial intermediation vertical, Janis uses her deep experience of working with global companies to lead, accelerate and expand the company’s suite of products.
Prior to joining Finvasia, Janis has been instrumental in driving competitive advantage and continued growth in large multi-jurisdictional organisations. Janis holds an MBA from CIIM – Cyprus Institute of Management and a Bachelor of Science (BSc) from Monash University Australia.

Tajinder Virk


Finvasia Group

Tajinder Virk is the Chief Executive Officer of Finvasia Group. He is a hands-on CEO, comfortable in any role from the executive boardroom to the trading floor. His strategic foresight, innate ability to build high-performance teams, strong business development and relationship building skills have proved to be a catalyst for Finvasia’s growth

Prior to co-founding Finvasia, he served as a Vice President Trading strategist, Venus Capital Management and as Vice President Global Equity Trading with Fortis bank where he managed investments worth over 1.8 Billion USD. He has broad experience in the financial services industry, having held key positions across geographies and noteworthy hedge funds.

He also sits on the board for group companies and is the interim CEO of ZuluTrade, Executive Director with Fxview, Executive Director of ActTrader Technologies as well as a Non Executive Director of Capital Wallet.

Vinay Menon

Head of Research


He has been in the financial industry for more than 6 years. He has had multiple roles in Research and Trading. On the education front, he has a background in finance and economics.

Angela Madi

Deputy Chief Sales Officer


Angela Madi is the Deputy Chief Sales Officer at GivTrade where she focuses on establishing, developing and maintaining business relationships with current and prospective clients. In addition, she regularly provides training sessions to the sales team members allowing them to properly address the day-to-day sales matters. Before joining GivTrade, Angela acquired an extensive experience spanning over 10 years in sales and marketing practices covering financial, banking and insurance sectors. Angela is fluent in French, English and Arabic, which allows her to communicate with local and foreign clients.

John Murillo

Chief Dealing Officer


John Murillo has been holding the position of the Chief Dealing Officer at B2Broker for more than 5 years. During that time he was able to implement the best market practices into the business processes and introduce core approaches to the liquidity part of business. Among other tasks, he is responsible with overseeing and development of the Dealing Team, Tech support, Engineering and Client relations.
Mr. Murillo is a well recognized financial markets expert with more than 20+ years of experience in this industry. Throughout his career, John has held various senior positions at financial institutions worldwide which has given him a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience, including risk management and financial engineering.

Under his guidance, B2broker team has built one of the best and most competitive liquidity offers within the space.

Andrew Matushkin

Head of Global Business Development


Andrew Matushkin is a Head of Global Business Development at B2Broker Group of Companies. Bachelor degree in Economics and Master degree in International Business Strategy. With substantial experience in the financial market, including fintech, brokerage and payment business. Andrew has been a part of the B2Broker group from early stages and has an extensive knowledge about the FinTech industry.

Shantnu Saxena



Shantnu Saxena has more than 15 years of expertise in the Fintech and payments sectors. He entered the cryptocurrency sphere in 2016 and believes that education, transparency and compliance will help to spur more institutional adoption. He is a hodler who fervently sees blockchain technology as the future and that cryptocurrencies are the ideal use case for it.

Aaron Parsa

Head Of Client Support Team

Opo Finance

Aaron Parsa is the Head Of the Client Support Team. He holds Executive MBA and MSc. in Leadership. He has more than 10 years of experience in Sales and Client Relations. He is in charge of managing client support and satisfaction.

Gaurang Desai

Chairman of D2A2 & Managing Director of Strategy

Equiti Group

Gaurang is the Chairman of Dubai Digital Asset Business Group (D2A2), an digital asset industry body established under the aegis of Dubai Digital Chambers and Managing Director of Strategy for the Equiti Group, a globally regulated progressive Fintech Brokerage house based in Dubai. Gaurang has over 26 years of experience working across financial exchanges, market infrastructures and regulators across the globe. Establishing and managing various regulated exchanges and Clearing Houses/CCPs has provided him with a deep understanding of the needs of today’s financial markets and appropriate strategies to meet regulatory challenges. Gaurang was a Founding member and the CEO of the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX) group until 2018. He was appointed as an Advisor for Financial Markets to the UAE’s Federal markets regulator, the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), to help them develop and implement new products and services regulatory frameworks including Crypto Asset Regulations. Gaurang is an experienced industry leader in regulated markets across asset classes and technologies. He is also a seasoned entrepreneur helping build organizations and projects from the ground up. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration in Finance and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Mumbai, India.

Sandeep Singh

Head Of Sales

Right Group Financial Limited

Experienced Sales Head with a demonstrated history of working in the International Forex, Commodities, and Equity Market. Along with the financial services industry, Banking, Customer Service, and Strong business development professional.

Eman Alayyaf



Eman Alayyaf, from Kuwait, CEO of Eman Alayyaf Trading company which has three branches currently, Kuwait, Bahrain & Oman.
Our focus is proper free education. We have done thousands of free seminars, webinars, consultations to teach people trading in the most simplified courses that I personally created.

Tushar Bharthare


My Meta Guru

Tushar Bharthare, Indian at heart but international in approach, Engineer by Degree but we call him a Technology Doctor because of the excellence in the same field.
Words won’t justify the laurels he has brought throughout his journey, from an employee at an IT firm to the CEO of the present company, he has come a long way, now be it a website glitch that needs to fixed or a trade suggestion he has got it all in his head.
What we love about him even more is that he makes family with the people he meets! His warm and delightful presence has never made us leave without a smile, lets welcome him with the same warmth and smiles and hear what he has to surprise us today.

Haris Stavrinides

Chief Executive Officer

Emporium Capital Cyprus

Haris Stavrinides is the Chief Executive Officer at Emporium Capital Cyprus. He has over two decades experience in the fields of finance and investments, ranging from equities to derivatives, mutual funds, and alternative investments. He holds an MBA with Distinction in Financial Management from the University of Exeter in the UK and MSc in Finance from the University of Cyprus.

Mr Stavrinides has over 20 years of practical experience including setting up complicated structures verified from his involvement in the set up of Athens Derivatives Exchange in 1998, offering for the first time derivative products to the Greek financial services industry.

Additionally, Mr Stavrinides has been involved in the introduction of mutual funds in Cyprus and has worked as a banker and a fund manager in the insurance industry. Mr Stavrinides is accredited by CySEC with the advanced certificate and by the Athens Derivatives Exchange (ADEX) as a derivatives advisor and market maker.

In 2022, he founded Cleartrust Investment Funds and Cleartrust Data Analytics. He has created a proprietary software named as the Finance Monitor© that analyses 10 developed markets and 28K shares globally on a daily basis. Emporium Capital and Cleartrust Investment Funds have joined forces in portfolio management enabling clients to take advantage of the cutting edge technology in quantitative investment decision making process.

He has authored a number of articles in European news publications covering financial services and world economy. During the 2018 elections he acted as the Head Economic Advisor to the Presidential Candidate (Republic of Cyprus).

Haris Stavrinides routinely speaks about topics relating to the world economy, investment funds set up and operations as well as big data analysis and quantitative investment strategy.

Mehmet Cedit

Chief Technology Officer

opo finance

Mehmet Cedit is Company’s, Chief Technology Officer. He holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering with +10 years of experience in Business Development, Digital Marketing, Product Development, and Startup Ecosystems. He is in charge of managing, planning, and Operating the technological requirements.

Benjamin Bilski

Founder & CEO


Benjamin Bilski is a German serial entrepreneur whose incredible talent for harnessing the latest technologies to create flawless services has led him to become listed in Forbes 30 Under 30.
He began his career at the age of 15 and has since then continued to break barriers and question the status quo. In 2015 he founded NAGA – a leading platform that combines investing and social networking. NAGA Group AG went on to become one of Europe’s most valued FinTechs and went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2017.
Benjamin carries an incredible vision that has defined the trajectory of his projects, which have since then grown to include more revolutionary platforms including:
NAGA Pay – a well-stocked and fully featured app that allows you to manage, invest, and spend your money while offering you a free IBAN with a crypto debit.
NAGAX – a cryptocurrency exchange that offers exciting crypto products. With a custom-built crypto wallet, 20+ blockchain protocols, 100+ tradable tokens, staking, and an NFT marketplace, this is the ultimate solution for all crypto enthusiasts.
His commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry drives him to continue to bring innovative solutions and ideas to the trading and crypto industries, and ultimately disrupting them.

Andreas Kapsos


Match-Prime Liquidity

Andreas Kapsos, the CEO of Match-Prime Liquidity, has been involved in the Forex industry for over a decade. Thanks to cooperation with the largest European Brokers, he perfectly understands the needs and expectations of both Brokers and traders. He uses his experience to create a client-centric liquidity offer with an individual approach to every business.

Zaher Agha

Managing Director

Direct Trading Technologies

Zaher Agha is a highly experienced Senior Director who has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new levels of success in a variety of highly competitive developments. Strong technical and business qualifications. Proven experience in developing strategic and business plans, with strong abilities to ensure healthy growth of companies

Bas Kooijman

CEO & Asset Manager, DHF Capital SA

Kumo Markets

Bas Kooijman is a professional forex and metals trader for over 8 years and currently leads the securitization company DHF Capital SA in Luxembourg with it’s 3 underlaying hedgefunds. He develops the trading strategies for the funds by creating an optimal portfolio mix using his IT background in Cloud computing and big data analysis. For DHF’s direct customers he creates tailored financial solutions that can both create cashflow and growth.

Anand Shankaran

Head Of Sales- UAE Desk

NCM Investment KSCC

Anand Shankaran, Head Of Sales- UAE Desk in NCM Investment Kscc. Responsible for FIX Api, White Label, Institutional & Retail sales in UAE, India, Pakistan, Malaysia. Financial Analyst professional with over 15 years of experience in Foreign exchange and Capital markets. A Marketing specialist with exposure in Financial Products in various Regulations especially UK- FCA, Kuwait- CMA, Jordon- JSC, UAE- DGCX & SCA, Labuan FSA Malaysia, India- SEBI. Deals with clients around the world.

Shaohui Deng

Chief Market Analyst

ATG World Markets

Michael Walker



CEO and Founder of BlackBull Markets, a New Zealand based FinTech business that offers trading services, technology solutions and investment analysis.
Prior to founding the Company, he was a professional trader for multi asset funds and developed a keen interest in how the financial and technological components of this space would often interlink with one another.
BlackBull has since established itself as an internationally recognized business. Winning multiple awards, such as the Deloitte Fast 50 and the APAC 500.

Mohamed Elsergany


OnePro Global

Joined PU Prime, part of Pacific Union Group, last year from New Zealand based broker CJC Markets , where he held a similar role as MENA Regional Director. Mr. Elsergany has been working in the FX sector for more than 15 Years, primarily in senior business development roles.

Michał Karczewski


Match-Trade Technologies

Michał has been associated with financial markets since the beginning of his career. He has been working in the Trading Department at XTB. Later on, he was responsible for trading as a Head of Dealing Department at HFT Brokers.
Today, he uses his experience, vast knowledge and deep insights of forex technology and liquidity solutions, to create an offer of solutions dedicated to the Forex and cryptocurrency markets.

Sanjay Vadgama


Kana Capitals

Sanjay Vadgama is a Chief Operating Officer at Kana Capitals. He is responsible for leading a team of relationship managers as well as deriving commercial growth and expansion within the Forex industry.

Mohanad Yakout

Global Head of Market Research

One Pro Global

Mohanad is a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) by the International Federation of Technical Analysts and a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Level 2 holder with more than five years of experience as a Financial Markets Analyst. Mohanad is frequently interviewed on television for financial market discussions and analysis on national and international shows and bulletins. Channels include CNBC, Bloomberg Asharq, and Al Arabiya News Channel.

Mohanad originally earned a degree in Finance and investment studies before becoming a trader and a certified analyst. In his daily work as a Strategic Markets Analyst, he loves combining his knowledge of the global economy’s market fundamentals with his expertise in scaling down their influences on intraday charts technically to identify trade setups and opportunities with a high probability.

Issam Istanbuli

Chief Market Analyst - Hedge Funds Manager

vida markets

Worked as Chief market strategist with lot of brokers controlling risks and hedging – more than 16 years of experience

John Murillo

Chief Dealing Officer


John Murillo is the Chief Dealing Officer at B2Broker and has more than 20+ years of experience in the financial industry. As the CDO he is responsible for overseeing Technical Support, Engineering, and Client Services. Throughout his career John has held various senior positions at financial institutions worldwide, which has given him a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in the industry. Under his guidance, B2broker team has built one of the best and most competitive liquidity offers within the space

Ahmed Fouad

Head of Sales

Emporium Capital

Mr. Fouad worked for large-scale forex trading companies in Dubai, as a Regional Head of Business Development. He is experienced in building and maintaining relationships with financial institutions, as well as hiring, training, mentoring and managing sales teams.

Having graduated from Edinburgh Business school with an MSc in financial management, combined with certifications in FRM, CRM and derivatives from heriot-watt university, we believe Mr. Ahmed Fouad can bring added value and good business to Emporium Capital.

Amin Siala

Digital Growth Consultant


Amin is one of Google’s top growth consultants for the finance industry having built original strategies for numerous global brokers and investment trading platforms allowing them to acquire more users and expand into new markets. With an Electrical Engineering background and experience delivering speeches in over 13 countries, Amin’s passionate about helping others and bringing tangible bottom line impact to fast growing businesses globally.

Kiran Mahida

Business Head (Asia)


Jeffrey Gi

Forex Trainer

Gold Copy Trade

Over the last 7 years, Jeffrey has been invited to deliver Forex Seminars for more than 10 different countries around
the world and accumulated 5,000 hours of One-to-One Coaching in Forex. As a former certified trainer from Microsoft and used to work in Cyprus as a Forex Trainer, his experience and effective teaching approaches have benefited many Forex Learners for better results. His first published Forex Book, “Forex Strategies Beyond the Swords”, ranked #1 in the Amazon Best Selling Book in 2015. Besides, he is a famous Forex Commentator for Malaysia Special’s weekly Magazine, Top 1 for WikiFX ROI Award in 2020. Currently, he is appointed as the commentator for well-known Forex brokers.

Lalit Matta


Ya Markets

Ahmad Shamieh

Head of Retention

MENA - EasyMarkets

Ibrahim Berjawi

Senior Market Analyst

Honor FX

Ibrahim Berjawi successfully combines his engineering background with a passion for trading the global financial markets. He has been focused on deeply analyzing the online trading world since early 2018, and after navigating through some difficult market conditions, he devised his own successful strategy and methodology.
Ibrahim’s enthusiasm in building long-term relationships with traders led him to create his own educational platform, Markets.byib Academy. By keeping close contact with a limited number of traders at different levels, he is able to deliver engaging courses on technical analysis, charts and strategies. Come meet him over the next few days, at the Honor FX booth -99 to find out more about his retail trading strategies and courses.

Ali Khader


Noor Index

Shaik Mohammed Jabri

Head of Sales

Noor Capital

Shaik Mohammed Jabri is a highly accomplished professional with over 25 years experienced in the financial market. He leads the Business Development department at Noor Capital which contribute a big part of the company’s success. He possesses strong technical expertise and a deep understanding of the multiple financial products and services. Mr. Jabri graduated Bachelors of Commerce and also holds MBA in Marketing.

Mohamed Hashad

Head Of Research And Development / Chief Market Strategist

Noor Capital

Stuart Cowell

HF Markets (DIFC) Limited

With over 25 years experience working for a host of globally recognized organisations in the City of London, Stuart Cowell is a passionate advocate of keeping things simple, doing what is probable and understanding how the news, charts and sentiment work together to provide trading opportunities across all asset classes and all time frames.
Stuart has been trading the global markets since 1997 and has also run his own consultancy. He believes that knowing yourself and employing effective risk management are the keys to successful trading.




An experienced member of the BluechipFX, a segment of BlueChip Group of Companies, holding his
finesse with the client base here in the UAE and also all over different parts of the Asian market, having
a clientele majorly in the Japanese marketplace he has stood true to his title of being a skilled chief
relationship manager – along with being an ex-banker, he has had his hands on in other fields of
investment opportunities. Bringing meaning to his designation of being the Chief Operating Officer
(COO) for BluechipFX who plays a dual role, combining the functions of the management and
executives – bringing out a balance by being a visionary leader, designing policies, managing the
organization/platform in a thriving manner. Enriching the experience for the the client base has helped
build in strong rapports, making BluechipFX stronger in its field of action. He leads with honesty and
integrity, fulfilling his roles to the fullest. They say, “Leadership is the Capacity to Translate Vision into
Reality”, Mr. Suraj Jumani, a true essence of this saying, seeing the bigger picture for BlueChip Group of
Companies, has made sure to turn these plans, visions into reality for the FX team.

Jameel Ahmad

Chief Investment Strategist


Jameel Ahmad
Chief Investment Strategist – MENA

Jameel Ahmad is a well-respected multi-asset investment strategist and corporate ambassador with a wealth of expertise in the financial markets and fundamental analysis. Jameel holds a decade of experience in global financial markets and is currently serving as the Chief Investment Strategist – MENA at Alpari. In his role at Alpari, Jameel leads a team of analysts and overseas the education mission to keep clients informed on current market conditions. Jameel is also responsible for developing the Alpari brand profile through appearing on tier-one financial outlets.

With nearly a decade of experience in financial markets, Jameel’s main specialty being global markets, currencies, commodities and emerging markets. He is a frequent contributor and speaker on top-tier media channels. He is relied on for his fresh, straightforward approach to fundamental analysis and the financial markets.

Demis Gavrielides

VP Business Development GCC & India


Demis Gavrielides is the VP of Business Development at MetaQuotes with over 15 years experience in Financial Industry particularly in Technical Analysis and Financial Technology related to Exchanges, Banking, and Brokerage industry.

Babar Ali

Head of Business Development MENA Region

Scalable Solutions

Master of growth, strategic connections, and international expansion, Babar is actively spreading knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology adoption, advising governments of West-Asian countries, and helping organizations in the Middle East embrace the technology advancements of the digital asset space.

Almas Qais Jairaj



Almas is an industrialist expert with 5+ years of experience in the Financial market.

Her passion to share knowledge about the forex market has Steered her to create interest among the new traders.




Sushrut is an experienced trader with over 7 years of trading in a diverse portfolio of financial instruments mainly in Fx spots, Crude Oil futures & Agricultural Commodities futures. Currently working as a Senior trader with ALB Limited, running the daily trading desk activities & managing his own book.

Isavella Evripidou

CEO / Founder

GFSC Global

With Masters in Law, Economics and Business Management, Isavella has played a major role in the Group of Companies development, having more than 20 years of experience in Corporate, Financial (global financial markets), Banking, Crypto/ STO/ ICO, Gaming, Regulatory, Immigration, AML and Compliance industries, she combined business intelligence and specialized knowledge required.

Ritu Singh

VP Regional Director

StoneX Retail - part of StoneX Group Inc. Leading FOREX.com

Ritu Singh, VP Regional Director, StoneX Retail – part of StoneX Group Inc. Leading FOREX.com in growth markets across MENA, LatAm and Rest of the World.

Ritu Singh heads the StoneX retail division for the ROW region, focused on growing the FOREX.com brand across MENA, LATAM and other emerging markets. Ritu has over two decades experience managing marketing, product, payments, operations and commercial activities for brokerages and finance and consumer companies across the globe.


Co-Founder, CTO

Ark Trader

Iyad has been enthralled by the financial technology industry for over 15 years. He has shaped and catered state-of-the-art applications for the business needs of the most demanding clients. He has been a trusted advisor to large investors around the world and consistently delivers on his customer-first mantra.

As a head architect, Iyad has ensured regulatory compliance and tight safeguards to secure Ark Technologies’ clients’ financial and personal information while at the same time delivering cutting-edge financial business technology. His deep experience in the needs of the industry, future trends, and leading technologies positions him and his team to provide unparalleled innovation and rock-solid technology.

Dr. Marco Vitrò


panel Disscussion

Dr. Marco Vitrò graduated in Economics and Financial Markets
Professional trader since 1988.
Financial trader and developer and teacher of Forex and Crypto currency trading systems.
From 1993 to 2003 he was the owner and CEO of BankInvest, a financial and investment consultancy company in Rome Italy
From 2003 to 2009 he was a foreign advisor to Global Futures Exchange and Trading Co.inc Tarzana California
In the years 2010-2011 he was also Official Italian Broker of Varengold Bank of Hamburg Germany
In the years 2009-2010 he was External Asset Manager of Dukascopy Bank S.A. of Geneva Switzerland and since 2010 also I.A. by Dukascopy Europa.
Now he is, since 2009, CEO and chief Trading lecturer of International School Of Trading Ltd based in Rome and Sofia

Andrew Ishchuk



Andrew is a 12-year financial markets industry veteran with a proven executive management track record in EU, MENA and SEA markets. He specializes in the successful launch of multiple start-ups and optimizing the performance of existing corporations.

Christina Barbash

Business Development Manager

Point Nine

“For the previous seven years, I had worked in the Forex industry. Prior to joining Point Nine, I spent nearly five years at FXPrimus. At the time, I had heard about the Fintech and Regtech industries and became immediately interested in them. It was at that point that I decided to make a change. My current position at Point Nine is Business Development Manager. I assist the company in acquiring new business and partnerships. We work hard to form partnerships with various companies that will allow us to expand further.”

Mahmoud Haj Mohamad


Building for the long term the institutional brand in Middle East, and devising the right strategy to meet client needs.

Afshin Mehdizadeh

Global Head of Commercial


Afshin Mehdizadeh has joined CapitalXtend since 2020, prior to that he was in the position of Vice president of Business development at Forex Time (FXTM),
He has been a Forex Trader, Educator and Mentor for over a decade, as well as expert in financial services, thus he is now holding the position of Global Head of Commercial at CapitalXtend to help the brand to reach out more regions and be able to provide its services to more clients worldwide.
Afshin will share with you the opportunities you have at CapitalXtend as both client and partner, on 19.10.2022 at Dubai expo conference hall




Kianoosh Asefi, a young elite COO suprisingly selected as the world’s youngest Chief Operating Officer of Broker and trader company in Official World Record.

omid asefi



Omid Asefi is one of the top 50 trading figures in the world in 2022 and has been active in the forex market since 2004. As Delta FX’s CEO, he achieved significant success as the best broker in the Middle East, the best broker in the world in support, and the best broker in the world for digital currency transactions by focusing on innovation and idea generation.

Giovanni Freni Sterrantino

Head of the Client Retention

ALB Group

Political Analyst and Market’s expert of the ALB Group

Adv P M Mishra

Finjuris Counsel


Adv P.M Mishra is one of the most vivacious professionals in the field of International legal matters related to fin-tech, market regulators, Forex, Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency ,white collar crimes & Chief Managing Partner, Founder of Finjuris Counsels, UAE & BCH Consulting, Europe, Finlaw, India,. Mr. Mishra acquainted himself with a critical understanding of the legal profession internationally. He devoted the early years of his career to the emerging and lesser known boundless spectrum of Cyberspace, Forex Trading & its compliances, Licensing, Crypto Currency & Blockchain.With a rich experience & international exposure in legal consultancy in matters related to fintech innovation, Global compliances for Forex Traders, Cyber Fraud, Blockchain & Critical Crypto regulatory matters, today Mr. Mishra is a name to be reckoned globally.

Ahmed Zaman



Abbas K. Saddam



Tiago Cardoso

Head of Business Development & Partners


Tiago is an economist and financial trader. He has more than 12 years experience in the financial sector and trades multiple assets including forex, stocks and commodities. Heading up IX Social, INFINOX’s Copy Trading App, he also works with a number of affiliate providers on revenue generating programmes.

Fadi Reyad

Market Analyst


Fadi earned his MSc of Financial management and prior to that completed his BSc in Finance and Banking. He has a passion for Math and Statistics which gave birth to his deep interest in the world of Economics. He started his career as a Finance account officer, then joined the research desk at Pioneer Stock brokering company as Research and Advisory analyst. Fadi took a forward step from back office to work as Portfolio accounts manager-Institutional, along with his market analysis tasks. Moreover, Fadi moved to join one of the first financial consultancy firms to be established in UAE to work as Financial Consultant after earning his certificate in wealth and investment management (ICWIM)-UK.

Ultimately, the different work experience has helped Fadi to build a strong interest in the financial analysis approach to invest properly. Seeking to learn about the most recent topics in Finance, Fadi took several courses about Green Finance, Sustainable energy, behavioural finance, and Corporate social responsibility (CSR). Fadi passion towards learning was the main key to earn several certifications including the certificate of building successful start-up business, Anti Money laundry certification, and consumer protection awareness certification.


Merchant Country Leader UAE

FIS Middle East

Tausif Ahmed, Merchant Country Leader UAE, Worldpay from FIS Tausif is the UAE Merchant Country Leader for Worldpay from FIS, implementing comprehensive growth strategy across the MEA region. He brings more than 25 years to his role with a strong background in payments, banking & finance and successfully transforming businesses to be the dominant market leader. Prior to Tausif’s role at Worldpay from FIS, he served as VP at Fiserv, Country Leader at Logica CMG and Regional Manager at ACI Worldwide. Tausif holds an MBA from the University of South Wales, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Sciences from Bloomsburg University of PA, USA

Danny Salman

Senior Market Analyst

MultiBank Group

Danny Salman specializes in market research, and has worked with leading financial institutions across the GCC & Europe and holds a Master’s degree in Investment & Finance from Queen Mary, University of London. He is currently working as a Senior Market Analyst at MultiBank Group- World’s #1 Financial Derivatives Broker.

Ali Hasan



The Chairman and Founder of Evest Investments, a licensed and leading brokerage firm.
Ali Hasan has over 18 years of experience in the finance sector, He has gained extensive trading and investment knowledge as well as a strong understanding of the latest industry trends and market insights. Ali holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Pension Consultant designation.

Pritesh Patel


Enclave Fx

Mr. Pritesh Patel is a versatile trainer & corporate motivator as well as financial consultant, become
interested in Forex trading about 11 years ago when he was still the owner of his own training &
consulting firm. He has started working in Forex market as a self trader in the year of 2012. Where he
learn psychological aspects of trading and the gamut of emotions that often prompted panic buy/sell
transactions. In last 10 years he has worked with different Forex brokers on different positions like Forex
trainer, market analyst, account manager, as well as region head. He joined Enclave Fx in the year of
2019 as a chief operations officer and currently working on same position.

Reason behind Joining Enclave Fx:
Enclave Fx laid its foundation in the year 2018. Where they believe in team work & create strong
relationship with clients. They offer unique trading solutions for their business which help investor with
long term business. Enclave Fx is a fastest growing Forex trading firm & now it’s not a new name for
Forex traders in Indian market. They let their clients’ trade in Forex, commodities, crypto currencies and
much more. They give a seamless trading experience without any difficulties and hurdles in the Forex

Avramis Despotis

XM Chief Technical Analyst Founder & CEO, Tradepedia

XM Global

An enthusiastic educator, authoritative voice in price action trading and inspiring personal coach, Avramis Despotis has been immersed in the financial markets for over three decades. Founder and CEO of Tradepedia, he is an expert instructor in technical analysis, risk management and behavioral finance and has mentored over 50,000 private and institutional traders.

Joseph Dahrieh

market strategist- country manager


Joseph is a professional technical analyst, avid researcher and trainer with over 10 years of experience in financial market analysis. Besides his experience in the market, Joseph has developed his own training courses for both casual and professional traders.
Joseph’s insightful approach to analysis gives traders a solid understanding of what drives global financial markets, and identifies trading opportunities using advanced market analysis techniques, including Elliott Wave theory and technical analysis.

Mohammad Burqan

Chief Market Analyst


Mohammad Burqan is the chief market analyst at STARTRADER, the world’s fastest growing broker. Throughout a decade of experience, he has developed a successful trading career working for highly recognised names in the field. With his in depth-understanding of the financial markets, and unique analytical skills, Mohammad Burqan has written articles for renewed newspapers and websites. In addition to that, he has utilized his knowledge to assist new and experienced traders by conducting webinars and talks on various topics related to financial markets.

Ignas Bakanauskas


Kumo Markets

Ignas Bakanauskas is a co-founder and CEO at Kumo Markets Forex Broker, with extensive experience in business development and technology solutions. Experience brought from corporate aviation businesses directly reflects in Kumo Markets ability to attract Hedge and Investment funds with the ability to offer professional trading solution for retail trader as well.
Presentation Title

Slobodan Drvenica

Head of Investment Research

Windsor Brokers

Slobodan joined Windsor Brokers in 1995, having been an active trader for over a decade. At Windsor, he managed the Trading Desk and Own Account Departments for 13 years. For the past 10 years, he is Head of the Analysis Department preparing daily technical outlooks. In addition, he provides more in-depth analyses of forex, commodities, and global market developments. Slobodan is frequently featured and quoted in various leading online financial publications such as FX Street.

Amarnath Rath


CMS Prime

Amarnath Rath is the CEO of CMS Prime. He comes with a rich cross functional experience of over 20 years across varied industries primarily in the Banking & Financial Services Sector.

Nitish Sharma


TP Global FX

Alex Katsaros



Alex Katsaros is the Group CEO of TopFX for almost a decade and has led both the firm’s institutional and retail arms. As a former head of the product development team of cTrader, he possesses strong technical expertise and a deep understanding of the B2B landscape in the e-FX and CFDs industry.

Daire Ferguson


AvaTrade Group

Daire Ferguson is the CEO of the AvaTrade Group for over a decade. Mr. Ferguson holds a bachelor’s degree in computers and Business from both University College Dublin, Ireland and Lindenwood University, Missouri, USA. Also, an MBA from Warwick Business School (WBS) in the UK.


Director – Trading (CFD/FX), Open Banking and FX

Worldpay from FIS

Darren leads the Trading team at Worldpay from FIS, where he focuses on enhancing strategic payment solutions for trading firms and partners. Darren has over 15 years of financial service experience and has worked with many of the world’s leading financial institutions to evolve their payment strategy. In his spare time, you will likely find Darren on the golf course.

Farah Mourad

senior Market Analyst


Farah Mourad is a senior Market Analyst at XTB MENA. Farah is proud to be among the youngest
analysts in the MENA region. She started her career in the news side, around cameras and
producers, covering high-profile investigative financial journalism reports in Lebanon for 2 years. She
then moved to Dubai, where she worked with MBC Group, covering the region’s market for 5 years.
Farah then found her passion in the investment sector. In 2019, she started by creating programs for
a first-of-its-kind live program: Educating investors on risk management and the risks in the FX
market. Since then, Farah has always been on top news channels and platforms. Today, she is part of
the large XTB Market Analysis team globally and the only member in the MENA region. XTB Market
Analysis team ranked among the top 3 lists for the current global Bloomberg ranking for G10 and
emerging markets analysis.

Reshmi Katteri

Regional sales head

Zara FX

I consider myself to be a highly enthusiastic and
positive individual. Always self motivated and familiar
with working under pressure. A fundamental value I
have learned through experience is that knowledge is
the key to success. With that being said I am
exceptional at training and guiding those who are
looking to learn Forex trading. Furthermore, My goal is
to reach out to people who have the wrong
misconception about trading in the global market.

Mohamed Shraka

Head of market analysis EMEA

Tradeview Markets

Mohamed Shraka has been the head of market analysis/projects EMEA at Tradeview Markets since 2018. He has been recognized for record-breaking sales figures, territory expansion, new account development, and client relationship maintenance. Mohamed has over ten years of experience and a proven track record of leading and managing successful projects to exceed revenue targets, as well as an understanding of the sales cycle process while remaining focused on customer satisfaction at all stages.

Amgad Attia

Vice President


Amgad Attia is a highly experienced and accomplished Forex
consultant, lecturer and educator. Having been with FXDD in various
capacities for over 15 years, makes him one of the longest-serving
executives in the FX industry in the Middle East. He is also a former
Commodity Trading Advisor registered with the National Futures
Association, and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.
Additionally, Amgad travels internationally on educational tours to
provide professional market insights to Arabic-speaking regions.
With over 20 years of experience in the global financial markets, and as
a former journalist and translator specialized in economic and
geopolitical events, Amgad draws on his knowledge of financial
sentiment and his adept observation and communication skills, to deliver
lectures that are well received by traders of all levels. He is Also a
featured contributor to various news outlets such as NY1, MSNBC
Arabia, and CBC News.
Amgad was a member of the Cairo foreign press association in Egypt,
where he graduated with a degree in journalism and political science and
served with the United Nations in various positions. After arriving in the
United States in the mid-1990s, he pursued post-graduate studies and
financial certifications.

John Georgiou

Director of Business Development

VT Markets

I am the Director of Business Development at VT Markets and within the Forex Industry for over 9 years. Establish in many areas I have developed my carrier in many large organizations and am now part of VT Markets. Here is my favorite quote: ”A Pessimist sees Difficulty in every Opportunity; The Optimist sees Opportunity in every Difficulty”.


Lead Trading Strategy Manager

Worldpay from FIS

Claire serves as Lead Trading Strategy Manager at Worldpay from FIS, where she focuses on driving strategic market growth in Trading and other Financial Services industries through improved placement, communication and development of Worldpay’s payment solutions for trading brokers and partners. Worldpay continues to develop its verticalized proposition to not only offer global reach and scale, but also industry and local expertise to ensure that our customers offer the right payments journey for their market. Claire enjoys finding solutions to client needs, as well as keeping up with the latest trends in financial services to better understand their requirements. As an ex-McKinsey consultant, Claire has experience in serving leading Financial Services corporations, and has advised on the definition and implementation of corporate and global growth strategies.

Ben Florian Henke

Head of GBE Prime

GBE Prime

Ben-Florian Henke is one of the two founders of GBE brokers and leading GBE Prime. He is a veteran in financial and investment banking with over 15 years of experience in the forex and CFD industry.

As a dedicated businessman and liquidity linkage expert, he uses his deep understanding of the technical part of the business to focus mainly on GBE Prime’s institutional business.

Mr. Henke founded GBE Prime as an institutional brand of the GBE Group in late 2015 with only a handful of institutional clients.

Under his leadership, GBE Prime grew significantly.Today, around 100 brokers use GBE Prime as their main liquidity provider for Forex other CFDs.

Hormoz Faryar

Head of Institutional Sales


Hormoz Faryar is the Head of Institutional Sales at ADSS, first joining the company in 2011. With over 22 years of experience in financial services, Hormoz is an industry veteran. He has gained unique perspectives through fintech-driven roles at major start-up entities within banks and has helped create institutional solutions here in the GCC region for the last 8 years.

Karina Kowalska

Business Development Manager


David Kindley

Market Strategist


Market Strategist at Orbex David Kindley is a renowned fundamental analyst with over 10 years of trading experience in the financial markets. With a keen eye for macroeconomics and a special focus on trading psychology, David is passionate about helping everyday investors make informed trading decisions through his thorough research and analysis.

Farzad Vajihi



Farzad is one of the most successful Iranian traders reported by Iran Press, Eghtesade Meli, Jahane Eghtesad, and Borna News. An entrepreneur, investor and founder of Aron Groups. With a background in financial market and PhD in Economics. Farzad spends most of his free time to educate people on social media to become successful traders without any fees.

Andrei Savitski

Global Business Development Manager

Centroid Solutions

Andrei Savitski is a Global Business Development Manager at Centroid Solutions, who is a FinTech professional with over 15 years’ experience in core Business Technology Solutions for financial institutions. Having worked for leading fintech companies, he has an in-depth knowledge and expertise in MetaTrader Platforms, connectivity & hosting, bridging & aggregation technology.

Souhail Fadlallah

Business Development Manager


Souhail Fadlallah is a Business Development Manager at Vantage. With over 10 years of experience in the trading industry and a long career working for various brokers in the MENA region Souhail takes pride in achieving a vast knowledge in market analysis as well as risk management while at the same time Souhail helps traders of any background become successful traders in taking the right steps.
Souhail has also worked with HNW clients, institutional and corporate clients.

Adel Jibrin


Hybrid Solution

Adel Jibrin has received his Business Administration degree with a major in Finance. In the past ten years, he has worked with top performing Sales teams in the FX and CFDs Financial Products sector; he has managed his team by implementing tried and tested business development strategies for retail & institutional investors. Adel Jibrin is certified by various institutions, including AML & Risk Management from DFSA & FCA-regulated institutes in Dubai and London.

Daniel Takieddine



Daniel Takieddine is the CEO of BDSwiss MENA responsible for the company’s operations, strategy, growth, and expansion across the region. Graduate of London Business School with an MBA and BA in Banking and Finance, as well as certificates from series 3, series 34, and CISI, Bloomberg, and ESG (LBS). Daniel has extensive experience in financial markets, trading and economics. He appears weekly on several economic and business TV channels. Additionally, he has been quoted in several financial publications including Bloomberg, Reuters, Yahoo finance, Business Recorder, and Khaleej Times.

Nicolas Shamtanis



Nicolas Shamtanis joined leading multi-asset financial services firm BDSwiss in 2021, following a 15-year career within the forex industry. A forward-thinking professional with a passion for innovation and financial inclusion, Nicolas is responsible for the firm’s strategic direction, management structure, and global expansion plans. His dedication to impeccable client service, accountability, and creativity are important drivers to BDSwiss’ ongoing success.
Having previously held key leadership roles as Chief Sales Officer at Exness and Chief Commercial Officer at EasyMarkets, Nicolas is an industry veteran with a proven track record in leading and scaling high-growth fintech businesses. Nicolas has a degree in International Business Management from the Nuremberg Institute of Technology.

Negin Negahdari

Key Account Manager


Mohammad Taha

Business Developer/ Market Analyst - MENA

FP Markets

Mohammad Taha is a business development manager in FP Markets with more than 8 years of experience in the financial markets. His core expertise is in forex, commodities, and indices CFD trading, in addition to his vast knowledge in various trading strategies, technical analysis and risk management.

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